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The Colony: Genesis (The Colony, #1) - Michaelbrent Collings

I love this book.


Do you ever feel that zombie books and movies, and T.V. shows are sometimes missing something. Like, oh I don't know .... Zombies. Yeah? me too. Then this is the book for you buddy. It was non stop terrorifying rotting zombie gore from start to finish.


You follow Ken in his frantic search for his wife and children as he fights and hides his way through downtown Boise. He finds some interesting people along the way, or more acuately, some interesting resorceful people find him. The team desperatly try to understand the new world that has twisted and deformed around them. Every decition determins if they survive to fight another day, or if they will turn into grotesque mutilated flesh eating version of themselves.


I will deffinitly be picking up a copy of the next book in this series. I must know. I love this book.